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How my Creative Journey Began...

My love for the film industry started when I was a child. I used to watch movies in complete fascination, feeling like I was part of the story. As I grew older I began to research and learn more about how films were made and I began experimenting with thoughts, visuals and effects.

I fell so in love with filming by the time I was a teenager, that I knew it was the right career choice for me! I not only realised the passion I had for the industry but also the talent I’d developed to turn thoughts into visuals and to capture an audience, making them feel part of a movie in the same way that drew me down this road – hence our slogan Turning Thoughts into Visuals.

I am privileged to have obtained my Film and Television diploma locally and even more privileged to have studied Director of Photography / Cinematography at the National Film Television School in Beaconsfield in the UK as well as Advance Camera at MET Film school in Ealing Broadway, UK. I have operated some incredible digital cameras from the Phantom Flex/ Gold high speed through to the PanaFlex/ Arricam film cameras. I have had the honour of working onset internationally with Ealing Studios for the feature film, Prince of Persia as well as working locally with the Mandela family on the reality show, Being Mandela.

Due to my passion for creativity and for captivating audiences, I decided to expand into the field of graphic design. Hence C.K Productions offers the full 360 in terms of creative work from freelance film, TV and video production (including filming Underwater) to brand identity and web design.

We literally Turn Thoughts into Visuals.

Film / T.V Production


Director of Photography (D.o.P)
Camera Operator
Steadicam Operator


Offline / Online Editing
After Effects / Compositing
Colour Correction / Grading

Creative Design

WhiteBoard Video
Motion Graphics
3D Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Brand Identity

Online Marketing

Video Marketing
Social Media Platforms

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